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Your Time, Safety, and Privacy is our Priority

Simplicity is at the core of everything we do. From initial charter requests and paperless booking to the final wheels down and flight follow-up, the LuftJets experience is based on streamlining the customer journey and maximizing the hours in your day.

A stress-free experience

A seamless booking experience

LuftJets is committed to providing the best experience possible for our customers. We take care of all aspects, including finding you an affordable private jet flight that fits your needs and schedule with just one call!

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The aircraft

Picture of Very Light Jet Las Vegas

Very Light Jet

Seats 4 + 1 ● Range: 1700SM ● Baggage: 46 cu. ft.


Light Jet

Seats up to 7 ● Range: 2350SM ● Baggage: 65 cu. ft.


Mid-Size Jet

Seats up to 8 ● Range: 2416SM ● Baggage: 90 cu. ft.


Super Mid-Size Jet

Seats up to 9 ● Range: 4027SM ● Baggage: 135 cu. ft.


Heavy Jet

Seats up to 10 ● Range: 3800SM ● Baggage: 145 cu. ft.


Ultra/Long Haul Jet

Seats from 12 and up (depending on model) ● Range: 6600SM ● Baggage: 175 cu. ft.


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LuftJets Las Vegas
Luft Jets
LuftJets Las Vegas

Request A Flight

Tell us more about your flight details and we’ll find the perfect aircraft for you. Tell us where you’re flying from, where you’d like to go and how many people you want to bring.

Private Flight Options

A LuftJets flight specialist will screen all available private jets leveraging proprietary search functions and provide you with a tailored selection of the best available aircraft for your private plane charter.

Confirm & Get Ready

Once you have decided which private jet type you prefer, we will secure your aircraft and provide you with a private jet charter contract and all necessary flight documents. It’s time to get ready!



Let us know your destination, we’ll take care of the rest.


Frequently Asked Questions

LuftJets always recommends that you use smaller airports as those are usually quicker in handling. They also have private aviation terminals to ensure maximum privacy and efficiency of your time during the process.

It is always a good idea to give yourself at least an hour before you fly private. This will allow time for any last minute items that may be needed and also let security check the airport thoroughly, which can take 30-60 minutes depending on how strict they are feeling that day!

Typically the luxurious private jets we are able to offer, have a very high luggage capacity, up to 6 pieces per passenger.

The cost of chartering a private jet varies according to your destination, aircraft size and distance travelled. Reach out to your LuftJets flight operations specialist or request a flight online to determine the exact pricing structure for your desired travel destination.

We love pets! Please let us know early on in the booking process so that we can make sure your pets have the best flight experience.



What our travelers say

“The experience from start to finish was absolutely seamless. Really appreciate LuftJets and their attention to quality.”

Zayd Malik

C-Suite Executive

“Mr. Nagel was very helpful all the way from briefing us before our trip all the way to personally ensuring that we had safely arrived at our destination”

Susan Clarke


“LuftJets, the best! That’s all I have to say. They’re my go to now moving forward for all private travel”

Jake Miller


LuftJets Las Vegas

LuftJets is an aviation consulting firm and as such arranges carriage by air by simply chartering aircraft from third-party aircraft operators, acting as agent, in the name and on behalf of its customers. LuftJets only acts as an intermediary, does not itself operate aircraft and is not a contracting or an indirect carrier.

LuftJets arranges flights on behalf of its cardholders and charter clients with FAR Part 135 air carriers that exercise full operational control of charter flights at all times. Flights will be operated by FAR Part 135 direct air carriers that have been certified to provide service for LuftJets clients that meet all FAA safety standards.

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